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Trauma Sensitive Yoga Offering

I am so excited to be offering an IN PERSON yoga class in the new year!!!

The class will offer students choices regarding modifications to foster curiosity and agency. Simple language is used to describe the yoga forms.

Yoga forms and movements are utilized to aid in:

  • re-discovering the body’s innate wisdom and rhythem’s,

  • identify and respond to preference,

  • foster a safe environment

  • to cultivate curiosity and approach stimulation or challenge.

The class is not open to the public, but to clients of Dallas DBT and Euseppi Mind Body.

If you are interested and are not one of our clients, then please outreach for an interview.

Cost per session is $35

First class offering will be Saturday, February 5th, 2022 12:00PM to 1:30PM


Concorde on the Creek

6750 Hillcrest Plaza Suite #317

Dallas, TX 75230

This office is on the 2nd floor of this building and to the left of the stair case.

Please arrive 5 early to check in and set up your space.

RSVP necessary due to the limited number of spots available.

If you RSVP and cannot make it please cancel 48 hours in advance so that wait listed clients can attend. If you do not cancel in advance you will still be charged for the session.

You may RSVP by texting 469-227-0143 or emailing Julie at

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