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  • Julie Euseppi, LCSW RYT

The Compassionate “New Year’s Resolutions”: Surrender to Your Dharma.

The New Year in our culture comes with the horrible expectation of self-improvement. While wanting to spiritually expand and develop is natural, this is often capitalized on in our society and is presented in externalized self-improvement projects. The underlying assumption is a misperception of the mind and ego as we are already whole and perfectly imperfect.

This year I encourage you to ask your body and soul, versus tell the body with the force of the mind, social expectation, and cultural brainwashing, what it needs. I encourage you to actually listen to the body’s needs and how you can create space & time to allow for this. I encourage you to discard any New Year’s resolutions, which are a “push” & an aggression, and acknowledge where your soul needs you to release, allow, and surrender to the Universe’s plan for you.

You do not need to get it together in 2016, you are together!!! Forget the achievements forget time, forget age, what, who, where you are in this present moment is the perfect foundation from which to expand, listen, and begin to explore your soul’s voice, purpose, and journey.

Take a moment and be grateful for every “mistake” as another chance and opportunity to honor your soul, to demonstrate compassion to yourself, and release expectation. Thank yourself for all the risks you took this year, free yourself from any regret. Presence the gratitude and joy of another moment, day, and year to demonstrate loving kindness. Doesn’t make you want to smile, at least on the inside???

Give yourself one last gift as you enter the New Year, bathe yourself in space for play, presence to hear the soul’s needs, and embody compassion for the Self, so you can begin to align with your dharma, your soul’s purpose.

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