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Mind body Integration to release, recharge and transform your soul.

Utilizing Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Somatic Experiencing, yoga and other embodiment practices in addition to psychotherapy. Julie's specialities incorporate core mindfulness techniques, emotional regulation skills, and embodied practices to integrate body and mind. 

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Julie Euseppi (LCSW)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker 



"When you are able to embrace your body, release accumulated tension, and help your body heal, you will be able to go home to your feelings and emotions." Thich Nhat Hanh


Healing body and mind.

Mind body practices like yoga can reduce the impact of exaggerated stress response, and build an internal resource called introception. Through developing this internal awareness and initiating response from this awareness, we can shift our automatic external response. 


By identifying your body's personal response and holding patterns, then we begin the journey to release and find grounding . It is from this foundation, we continue the journey and use both body and mind to improve awareness and effective response. 


From a foundation of this felt sense, a knowing from the inside to out, then we can reframe experiences. Reframing occurs not just in the mind, but in the body. This allows a new perspective from which to harvest change and reference the Self. 

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