In her sessions, I do not feel limited to only yoga because we mix dance, vocal expressions, exercises, and any authentic form that feels right to release/express out in whatever shape and sound it comes out as. I also love the scientific eastern/western medicine knowledge Ms. Euseppi shares about certain movements and their physical therapy on the body.


Her way of explaining the meanings of the movements we do together make it a great accessible experience that I want to repeat to feel better because they don't feel like a chore or a forced homework exercise ; they really just come into action naturally when in need outside of our consultations.


I take it step by step without falling into anxiety or stress and start one movement and directly feel the relaxation flow inside of me.


- Chloe P. 

Julie uses an extremely unique process of therapeutic healing that acknowledges the physical body and its key in your emotional, mental, and spiritual state.


Unlike clinical therapy your valuable time is not spent going in never-ending circles of psychology. Instead, you are guided through a healing process that sticks and truly can transform your life from the ground up. If you’re into mystic ideas and eccentric energy, she is the lady to work with; and honestly the more open you are to alternative ideas the more you will get out of working with her. Just being in her presence in itself is healing, because she is such good energy and someone you can instantly form a comfortable bond with.

[Julie] has a variety of techniques from yoga, breath work, body energetics, beating foam blocks to release anger, counseling, and everything in between. I’m so happy to have met this lady and have her in my life, and you can be assured that you will end up feeling the same way too.  

- Jake C.

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Julie Euseppi, LCSW

9900 N. Central Expy #500

Dallas, Texas 75231

Telephone: (469) 227-0143

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